Yes.  Your business does not need to be located or have any presence in the United States to benefit from having a U.S. bank account.  Other than sanctioned countries, most countries throughout the world are accepted.
Based on the bank account which is needed, the typical currencies are USD, Euro and GBP.
Start the process by completing the Bank Account Questionnaire and the appropriate direct bank application will be provided based on the services that you need.
Based on the bank account or type of account that is opened, it typically takes between 5-14 days from submitting an application. 
No. Ibantek Payments does not charge any additional fees outside of the bank agreement that is signed. 
Absolutely. All of our clients have direct accounts with direct access to their accounts.
Yes. We can typically open multiple accounts at the same bank or at different banks. 
We offer and support the following program types in the United States and Internationally based on the specific card program requirements.
Prepaid Debit Card Programs - Visa / MasterCard / Union Pay
Debit Card Programs - Visa
Credit Card Programs - Visa

Plastic and Virtual Cards are available for all programs.
Yes.  We provide Credit, Debit and Prepaid Debit virtual cards for global issuance.
Complete the Card Program Proposal Request to receive a pricing proposal and program details.
Time to program launch varies for many reasons based on the specific program requirements, countries of issuance, whether a generic or branded card is needed and more. The typical timeframe range is 2-12 weeks. 
Ibantek is a Programr Manager providing Custom and TuenKey Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay Prepaid Debit Card, Debit Card and Credit Card Programs through our integrated network of bank and issuer partners. We service clients throughout the world and are experts in the field of Card issuance.  
We offer and support Card programs for issuance throughout the world (some exclusions apply).

Our international Card programs are unique, flexible, and multi currency. One card program for global issuance.