Secured Credit Card Program

We have combined the features of a Prepaid Card Program with an IBAN Wallet and Open Loop Secured Credit Card to deliver the International Hybrid Credit Card

A Hybrid card is a type of secured credit card that is backed by a cash deposit from the cardholder. The cardholder can add funds to increase their available credit or simply load additional funds to the card. 

Creating a hybrid of a Secured Credit and Prepaid Debit Card.

Card Features:

•100% Approval

•Accepted anywhere Credit and Debit Cards can be used

•ATM/Cash Access

•Instantly Transfer money to other cards

•Accepted Globally

•Premium Rewards with Travel Discounts & Integrated Bookings

•On/Off functionality

•Companion Cards for family members

•Attached Wallet for traditional banking features

•Online Purchases (No Restrictions)

•Concierge Service

•Secured Credit Card Combined with a Prepaid Solution

An International Hybrid Card is a type of secured credit card that is backed by a cash deposit from the cardholder. This deposit acts as collateral on the account. The cardholder is able to add funds to increase their available credit beyond the established credit amount, creating a hybrid of a secured and prepaid card.

The Ibantek Wallet is an account to keep your funds secure and protected from fraud. Use it as a prefunding account for your International Secured Credit Card, and receive all of the benefits from your card. The Ibantek Wallet can also be used for transfers to and from friends and family around the world.

With an International Hybrid Card, cardholders or corporate clients deposit funds just like a prepaid debit card to create a credit line for instant access. Basically, the amount deposited becomes the credit limit—the amount which can be charged on the card. Once a credit limit has been established, the security deposit can be increased at any time to increase the available spending amount.

The International Hybrid Cards are helpful for a variety of people. Some people like the International Hybrid Card for privacy reasons, because we do not report to any credit agencies. Others may need the flexibility of a secured card with the ability to increase spending amounts easily and on demand.

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